First entry: Getting ready for the break

This is the first blog that I have ever written, so here it goes …

This is all still somewhat surreal to me. At the beginning of Spring Training, I was pretty sure the plan was for me to go to Erie with our Double A club. Next thing you know I am making my big league debut at the Skydome in Toronto. Here we are a few months later and I am writing a blog as a member of the Sharp Team and have 16 big league starts under my belt heading into the All-Star break. It has been an awesome ride so far!

For the most part, each road trip has been a new experience for me. I have been fortunate enough to play in some great ballparks and see some cool places. Pittsburgh was especially fun because I was able to hit and I thought I threw the ball well. Hopefully, I will get a chance to hit again in October! We just got back from Houston, Oakland and Minnesota.  Houston was smoking hot (good thing they have a roof) but I enjoyed my time there.  

Even though I am having a blast, I am looking forward to the All Star break. I plan on spending time in Vermont. I am a big outdoorsman, so Vermont is a great place for me to relax and mentally get ready for the second half. I plan on fishing as much as I can.  

After the break, we start a series in New York against the Yankees. I grew up in NJ, so I will be able to see family and friends while I am there.  We are both playing pretty good right now, so it should be a great series.   

Talk to you after the break!



We’re real proud of you, Rick! I hope the 2nd half is as good as your first!!

Rick, I am very impressed with your first half!!! Keep it up the rest of the way πŸ™‚ GO Tigers!


Hey Rick!
Thank you for the blog, and sharing your pitching talent with the Tigers. But even more so, for being the kind of sharp. poised, professional and genuine young man that we older maternal types can feel good about having younger kids look up to.
My husband and I are a couple of Michiganders living in Lakeland now, watched you pitch for the Flying Tigers and in Spring Training. I for one was not the least surprised to see you and Ryan head north with the team in April.
Look forward to seeing him back up too.
It will be fun to follow along with you, here. So. . .anything come to mind. .as to what has surpised you the most, caught you off guard, or taken the most getting used to. .about being a major leaguer??

Rick… You’re an amazingly talented pitcher and I love watching you work your magic on the mound!


Rick, Tiger fans are very impressed with your work ethic and composure on the mound. Times are tough in Detroit and I’ve yet to make it to a game this year, but watching you pitch and the tigers play brings great joy. Relax catch some big fish and comeback knowing Tiger Fans are behind you 100%

Rick, you’ve been doing great. I got your jersey for my birthday shortly after you made the big league squad. I remember when the Tigers drafted you, a friend of mine from Morristown NJ told me they played you in HS and was talking about how good you were. Keep up the great work and enjoy the all-star break.

Keep throwing strikes! Many years ago I threw a nohitter in highschool and nearly lost it because I couldn’t throw strikes, so I know how hard that can be. Best to you in your career. Hope it continues as a Tiger til’ you retire.

Keep pitching the way you have, and you and the Tigers will be smelling the sweet air of October! Nice work.


You have surprised many people this year. As a life long Tiger fan, you and the rest of the Tigers have given this fan something to cheer and be proud about.

Get the time you need to clear your head, refocus on what you can do to be the pitcher we know you can be.


A stellar first half. Your 8 wins are 8 big ones, you are looking like a AL ROTY to me. Keep doing what you do, and the Tigers will surely be playing in October. You have given us Tiger’s fans something to be excited about! It’s a wild ride to the postseason, so good luck the rest of the way!

Hey Rick! enjoy vermont and your time off!! you deserve it! It’s been great following you this season and cant wait for the second half!~your #1 northern MI fan =]
thnx for signing this weekend(cleveland series)… =] although now I have to buy a new porcello shirt lol

AL Rookie of the year, keep it up, I love watching you pitch. I used to pitch and I wish i had that much movement on my pitches. Keep livin the dream

Nice to know that I wasn’t the only Tiger Fan in Vermont, even if it was only for a couple of days… I bought tickets (before the season started) for two of the three games when the SeaWolves were at the NH Fisher Cats, hoping to see you pitch. No complaints, though.
Good luck in the second half, Rick. Keep up the good work.


Our family watched you pitch in so many league, county and state championship games, you are known as “the great nephew”!

You actually have small children asking every morning: “Is the great nephew pitching today?” No, I say, not today but soon…

Continued success, sorry we’ll miss your turn in the rotation this weekend at the Stadium. All the best,

The Gentleman from Verona

Rick, welcome to MLB Blogs! πŸ™‚ Remember playing the Tribe? The Tigers sort of crushed us before the All-Star Break, but it’s all good. Maybe we will play you again soon, I’m looking forward to it! πŸ™‚ Again, welcome & Good Luck!


Rick, Congratulations on a stellar first half. You are very poised and professional in your approach. You will be able to maintain that attitude if you look only as far ahead as your next pitch. You will hear a lot of talk about ROTY, pitching in October, and allsorts of other distracting things. Please ignore all the hype and continue on your straight path. Your next pitch is your most important one, make it a good one. Always stay positive in everything you do in baseball. It’s a mental game and great things can be accomplished with your physical talent and a solid positive mental game. Go get ’em kid!!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to blog with us (the fans). We love you in Detroit. I’ve had the pleasure of watching you pitch a couple of times so far this season, during a couple of my many outings to Comerica thus far. You are a breath of fresh air to the Tiger’s pitching staff. True talent and a prodigy to say the least. Keep up the good work.
–The Detroitchik

Rick – you have done a really great job so far this year. We go to a lot of games and always know when you are out there we have a really good chance to win the game. Good Luck in the second half.

Great Job Rick, I’ve been following you since spring training. Saw you only once on cable earlier this year…………. I was hoping you would pitch against the Yankees this weekend, you against Joba on Sunday wow. I’m sure you were as disappointed as your fans were. With your family, friends and fellow Setonians’ in the stands what a great day that could have been for you. Relax , there will be more in the future. I also graduated from the Prep……….. Class of 49. I hope Leland made the correct decision in giving you this long rest and having you miss a start in front of all your fans. He was probably thinking ahead and saving you for October. Best of luck, New Jersey is also very proud of you Rick.

Hey Rick,

Nice to see your new blog, hope to hear more. Make sure you get the chance to do some fishing in Michigan while you have the chance.

congrats on the first half.ive been to a game where you pitched and was amazed at ur talent
keep it up : )

Hey Rick, I’m 15 years old and I watch every Tigers just about, miss a couple but I watch just about every game but anyway your a good pitcher during this season as a 20 yr old. I know you had about a couple of weeks off but just relax. You got good pitches like the sinker. Do good man!!!

The rookie of the year to continue to pitch really well. you will!!!

Its me again the 15 year old Timothy Geiger i wrote every Tigers LOL, I meant I watch every Tigers game.

Good job Rick @ Cleveland, pitching 8 innings and trying to rest the bullpen and I watched that game and I seen you saying YEAH!! after that double play, that’s good that sometimes gets the team pumped up. You’ve been pitching like that all year and you only had around 90 some pitches that’s good!!! Good job out their Rick!!

I used to come see many games in your Senior Year at Seton Hall and frankly was shocked that more people didn’t attend to watch you and Evan Danielli, and the rest of the team that year when you guys were # 1 ! I laughed to myself when I watched you on and saw you come through with two hits against the Pirates, but then again….they never knew you were the clean up hitter for Seton Hall Prep did they !!!! I saw many of your great pitching performances, and even attended all the playoff games during your Senior Year. I’m sort of getting a kick out of having 3 of your signed baseballs in my recreation room, since I already see “Hall of Fame” already written in your future ! You were always quiet and deadly on the mound……My chance of major league stardom ended with a compound fracture of my pitching arm just as I was to have a tryout with the then Montreal Expos, so I’m living the experience through you ! Continued success….I always wonder if you and Evan still communicate….??? Maybe in your next blog, ya can give me an update !

Hi Rick
Just noticed this link from the Tiger’s website, I love getting a chance to read a blog from a player – Curtis used to do one for ESPN I think and it was great to hear insight from players on what is going on, places they visit, etc. I hope you check in from time to time. Outstanding year for you – keep it up, you are heading in the right direction!

Rick, nice tackle on Kevin Youkilis! I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan, but no way should he be throwing helmets. Best of luck, man, even though it bums me out that you’re a year younger than I am and pitching in the Major Leagues, while the best I can do is write about it here. πŸ™‚

What a take down of Youkilis.You looked like a black belt Judo master.
Best to ya.

Rick, think maybe since you’ve got some time on your hands now you could update your blog?


any chance you might talk about how having a crafty veteran in the clubhouse might be impacting your game? Otherwise – the Youkillis scenario earned you made points, around the nation!

you are doing amazinng. keep it up. your helping the tigers out alot. and i was so excited for you when you had a chance to hit and you proved you can do it! 2 hits,, thats awesomee! well after beiing suspended for 5 games (which was not fair in my mind, but whatever its over) i think you are pumped and ready to pitch tonight!!
i will never forget getting a picture with you! i wish i could meet you again!
who’s your tiger?? you will always be my tiger
love chloe!

Rick Im 14 and I think you and Verlander are the best pitchers we have. i saw the game against the red sox when u slammed youkilis down 2 the ground that was hilarious and i was laughing when i watched sport scenter on espn the same day and one of the callers said at least when pujols got hit the same day by a pitch he didnt charge the mound and get slammed by a rookie i thought that was awesome of you cuz u showed everyone that just cuz ur a rookie dosent mean your a wuss i think u got alot of respect from everyone and i dont think youkilous will mess with u again and if he does he is retarted thanx porcello heres the win loss record Porcello 1-0 youkilous 0-1 good luck for the rest of the season and for the rest of ur career hope you stay with the tigers cuz ur my favorite pitcher. thanx for reading this

Rick, I loved reading your blog I hope you update it soon! You are my favorite pitcher and ball player. I am looking forward to going to the Angels games next week i wish you were pitching I don’t think you are though :[ I hope you will get to hit the ball from the batters box during an official game this year in October too! ( knock on wood :P) Thanks for reading this :]

You are so amzing eveyone in Metro Detroit really loves you, you should know that. Anyway, I know you said that you didn’t hit him on purpose, but if you did, That would have been an awesome thing to do. To defend and stuff. Everyone who thinks you did it is proud. Anyway, you’re probally really busy and don’t have time to watch TV, but everyone and ESPN and stuff is on you’re side. I know that whole thing cost us the game, but it was good for your career because now everyone knows you. Youkilis had a good 25 lbs. and 10 years over you, and you still beat his ***. Anyway, f him, you rock.
I’m only 11, but I know all this is true. Thanks for being such a great pitcher, Rick. I’m really glad you came to the Tigers. πŸ™‚


Where in Vermont did you go because I live in vermont. You are one of my favorite pitchers and know you will rookie of the year.

Your the best !

Hi Rick! You are my favorite tiger, along with Ryan Perry. You guys are doing an extreamly awsome job, and I hope to see more from you guys! What do you do on the day that you pitch?

Hi! Rick, I would really appreciate it if you would copy and paste this link.

Thanks. I made it.

I attended my first baseball game this year and i think i might be in love. I have always loved football but never gave baseball a chance apparently i didn’t know what i was missing. I love watching you pitch and it makes me look forward to your pitching turn in the rotation. I however was upset to learn that you will not be pitching in this Saturdays game. 10/3/09 I was looking forward to seeing you. I will be at the game and am disappointed that Figaro is pitching in your spot. Good Luck to you and the rest of the Tigers!!! and hope to see you pitch again soon.


I see that it’s been quite a while since your last update, but I just wanted to say that your last 3 starts have been good, so it seems like you are returning to form after a rough start to the season. You had a nice start against the Dodgers Sunday and the same can be said about the start prior to that against the White Sox, all things considered. Not to mention what you did when you faced the Yankees. Keep it up.

i don’t thin my first post came through, so I’m just going to try again.
Anyway, I just wanted to encourage to keep up what you have been doing your last few start. You have rebounded nicely after a rough start to the season. You have had solid outing against the Dodgers and White Sox, and it was GREAT to see you beat the Yankees. Beat them as many times as you can as a favor to me. πŸ™‚
Nice going,

Hey Rick
I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough time lately, but I want you to know that we still have faith in you. Tigers fans are loyal, and your still well loved (:
we’re rooting for you!

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